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The Miz Suffers His 100th TV Lost


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The Miz Suffers His 100th TV Lost


The North American Wrestling Rankings blog, which has been keeping TV stats since November 2006, reports that when The Miz lost to Roman Reigns on Friday’s SmackDown, that was his 100th televised singles loss. The Miz is just the 4th WWE Superstar to lose 100 matched, behind Dolph Ziggler, Jack…

Moments of weakness like the one I just had make me the stiff son of a bitch that I am.

Over the years I’ve conquered loss, I’ve conquered pain, I’ve conquered depression, I’ve conquered suicide, I’ve conquered drugs, I’ve conquered myself.

You wanna’ know why I am so damn proud to be the man I am? Because not a single one of you mother fuckers has changed me. No one has. And no one ever will.

I was raised to be this man. And I have two amazing parents to thank for that. But they can’t take all the credit.

I am me because I decided to be. I love way too easily. I hang on way too tight. I get high on the moments you don’t get to repeat, and I focus on them until it hurts not to. I get mean, I have a volatile streak a country mile wide. But it’s only because I care until I can’t care any more. 

But you know what? I feel fucking alive. Every day.

To know you gave everything is a comforting feeling. But to know you still have the world to give is a clear cut victory.

Keep judging. Keep trying to change me. I’ll just keep laughing it off, whiskey bent and hell bound, with two fingers up.

Suck on my ass, world.

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